Rapid cooling


Use the Hyperchiller for rapid cooling of your coffee. Pour into the recessed, angled pour over area of the lid. The coffee will easily flow into the HyperChiller’s cooling chamber.

Rapid cooling

Rapid cooling

The cooling chamber is surrounded by stainless steel and ice on both sides, so it cools rapidly with zero dilution. Just gently swirl it around, and in sixty seconds your fresh coffee will be cooled by up to 130+ degrees!

Rapid cooling


Finally, just pour into your normal glass or mug and enjoy! If you want to enjoy it ice cold, without ice in your glass, just let it chill in the unit for an additional 90 seconds.

Rapid Cooling with Hyperchiller: The Set-up


Unscrew the HyperChiller

The HyperChiller is made of three nested chambers that easily screw into each other.


Fill and Attach the Small Chamber

Fill small stainless steel cup to the indicator line, and twist to lid.


Fill Outer Chamber

Fill large stainless steel cup to the indicator line, and pour into black HyperChiller cup.


Twist Chambers Together

Put the lid and small chamber into the empty stainless steel container, and twist together. Then put that into the black plastic base, and twist those together.


Let it Freeze

Place upright in freezer (12+ hours for optimal results). Your HyperChiller is ready for rapid cooling


A: The coffee never touches ice. Two layers of food grade stainless steel keep it separated and act as the cooling surface.

A: For optimal results, we recommend letting it freeze for 12 hours initially. In testing, when refreezing after use, we have seen great results even when it only had about six hours to refreeze.

A: For troubleshooting, click here.

A: Yes you can! The second cycle will just take 2 minutes or so to achieve the same great results. After that, it will need to be frozen again.

A: The HyperChiller will cool any liquid; but we don’t recommend it in this case. Any carbonated beverage will lose a significant amount of carbonation in the process.