Rapidly Chill

Rapidly chill
fresh coffee
without dilution

Feeling like having a glass of fresh ice coffee in the morning? The HyperChiller fits into your daily coffee making routine.  Fast and Easy, it is compatible with all known brewing methods. Rapidly chill your fresh hot coffee!

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The most effective
way to chill
wine & spirits

Unexpected visitors? Fancy a glass of your favorite wine? Grab a bottle of your favorite wine off the shelf and chill it in a matter of minutes! Flash-chill your favorite spirits quickly as well, while protecting their delicate flavors.

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Rapidly chill
Hyperchiller Cutout

It’s like adding
30 ice cubes
to your beverage –
with no dilution

Rapidly chill with the HyperChiller’s simple patent-pending multi-chamber design, your beverage is exposed to the equivalent of over 30 large ice cubes, but protected by two layers of food grade stainless steel — so there’s zero dilution in the process of cooling.

Your iced beverage is
ready in just one minute

The HyperChiller is ready when you are. Just leave it in your freezer, take it out when needed, pour your beverage in and chill it in just one minute. You can even use it a couple times in a row. When you’re done, just stick it back in your freezer to use again later.

It’s the easiest way to make
iced coffee & chilled drinks at home